Today we want to make you feel at home in our cozy Lappish town far away from the rushes of the everyday world. In the heart of Lapland, close to the Arctic Ocean and yet to good travelling connections, we make it easy to access the Finnish culture. Ivalo is real. Next to skiing centers and other wintersport facilities, people still live their lives next to the wilderness. They drive snowmobiles as part of their everyday lives, they get their living from the reindeer, they bring up their children well aware of the ways of the world, yet choosing to spend their full lives surrounded by the beauty of Lapland.

Picnic for the people of Ivalo can mean ice-fishing on a bright winters day, a brisk evening walk is counting the uncountable stars in the larger-than-life-nightsky or just standing still watching the astonishing movements and colours of Aurora Borealis. Moments in Ivalo can stop you, they can make you calm... perhaps a bit humble.


Ivalontie 34, 99800 Ivalo, Finland 
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